Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Underddog

A vast majority of Christian ministries are listed as "non-profit" and do pretty well. listed as a But What happens when a ministry is "profit" ministry?  Truth of the matter is they strive to stay afloat, often digging into their own pockets to make ends meet. Thus the underdog as in the case of Thunderdome Ministries Network.

From 1983 to 1989 Thunderdome Ministries often published a newsletter. At one point  there was 150 subscribers each and every month. Sadly the newsletter had cease due to rising costs. What is even more sad is the fact that not one subscriber sent in funding.
 This is one example of what can transpire when the elect of outside God fail. And  part of it this is due to the thinking that they should receive just about everything free. In fact they believe that any outside assistance, such as in evangelism, should be paid little to nothing. 

Thunderdome Ministries is underdog ministry striving to stay afloat after all these years. How does the  ministry do so?  Well its simple; when there is a mountain to be moved we tell it to be gone in the name of Jesus. And we press on  moving the stones and rocks out of the way one bit at a time.
As of 1982 there has been one mountain  that yet needs to be moved,  obtaining funding for a homeless ranch(?) for the Christian community. And right now we are about three million dollars short.

The ministry mentioned above is not the only underdog ministry within the invisable walls of these United States. In  truth I would guess there are over five thousand underdog ministries. And they too need the assistance of the Christian community

Now dear reader, Christian, what will you do to help underdog ministries in your city, state and country? Will you assist in moving their mountains or will you hold back from the Lord?

If you would like to assist Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc simply click on the link within this sentence. Or send your cetified check or money order to the following;(Please be sure your love gift is in US dollars.)

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc
c/o Rev. David Liebler
3513 Clairmont Street
Flint Michigan USA 48503

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It Takes....

If it takes one person to feed a family what could a group of Christians do?

They say there are over one million Christians in the United States alone. But the number of homeless people can not truly be counted. But there is a way you can help so left me explain if you please.
Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc out of Flint Michigan wants to help the homeless. However there is a catch  per se. And it goes like this:

Every year even Christians find themselves homeless either on a short term level or long term.
What if  the Christian community gathered around to assist? Here re is a plan that very well could work.

If everyone reading this could commit to giving $10 per month who know how many  it could assist. To top it off there would be no need goverment grants whatsoever. In fact as CEO of the ministry I do not want any grants from the US goverment. Why no grants you ask; simple answer is this; grants are filled with rules and  regulations.

Ever hear the phrase "Hay buddy can you spare a dime?" That phrase came out of the days of the Hobo  and depression era. Today you can not get a cup of coffee for a dime. In fact many restaurants charge  a dollar or more. Now the question to you is as follows;

Hay mister can you spare $10 per month committing to at least 6 months?

If you are willing to commit to a mere $10/month for six months or more click on the following link.

                       I commit to freely give $10 per month for at least six months

If you are willing do make the above commitment the staff of the ministry thanks you for your free will love offering. As you so freely bless so God will bless you someday.

Yours in the faith and knowledge of Jesus who is the Christ

David Liebler aka Littlethunder
President-Founder and CEO

Monday, March 20, 2017

PTC 4 Your Website?

Do you have a website or blog? 
Then you know you want get them to your to read your material. 
 How do you get them to your site?
You use a PTC (Point To Click) website such as the one below.s

 Its as easy as ABC.