Saturday, October 14, 2017


Do you remember the movie Home Alone?
Well for single people thats what Christians is like for million of single people. They sit at home on Christmas day perhaps eating a simple tv dinner while watching either some movie or watching a sporting event. What about family members? Well if you have family they might invite you over for a home cooked meal. However, if your the last one in the family Christmas can be  an welcomed guest.
The latter aspect is true for this writer. So, every Christmas its a simple microwaveable tv dinner and a little time for a movie from the DVD collection. And forget the Mincemeat Pie not one grocery store sells them. So my favorite pie and ice cream go by the wayside like other traditions.

How can you help?

#1.    Adoption:  thats right adopt a single person for the holidays. treat him like family. 
#2.   Gift Givingfind out what he or she likes and make an effort to give them a few gifts, Some people might even make a Christmas Wish list right over there on Amazon
#3.    Food: NO person should spend the holidays alone even at meal time. If you treat him or her like family find out what foods s/he likes such as does he or she like apple pies, cherry pies or maybe even mince meat pies. Maybe a person likes ham instead of turkey. Taking someone out to a restaurant does not count as it make the person feel like an outsider!
#4.   Games & TV  if your family plays games then be sure to invite him or her to play. If your family watches a sporting even invite them to watch with you. 

Church idea: perhaps in October your church could have a Adoption Day. A family adopts a known single person for the holidays where all of the above could be put into play.

Remember to treat him or her like family. 


Monday, October 9, 2017

Last Days?

AS I recently spoke with the board of directors of Thunderdome Ministries sad news emerged. Allow  yours truly  to explain;
  1.  Since 1982 yours truly has made sure the ministry had its needs met with it be a newsletter or domain name or even a website the needs have been met head on.
  2. instead of having a huge bank account lit other ministry's funds are so little larger purchases have been sweep aside. I am talking about desktop computers, laptops and even buying property.
  3. Love gifts are and have been slow to come forth. And always it was just enough to meet the needs at the time. However, I can tell you that there wes never enough afterwards to make a bank depost.
  4. Repairs: sometimes things break and need repair as in the case of a Asus G60 laptop. It has sat for nearly 4 years needing repairs. Repairs such as a new keyboard to name only one aspect of many, Regretfully there has not been enough in coming funds to have the laptop not only repaired but updated as well. I think the system right now is running on Windows XP when it should be on Windows 10.
One of the directors is trying to find a way for readers like you  to contribute to the ministry. Offering such things as perhaps cd's, and or books but this ministry is not like Kenneth Copeland  and or Swaggart who can give away things

Below is a small list of things that need some kind of funding in 2018
 All ministries and churches have to have funding to press onward in this battle and Thunderdome Ministries Network is no different.

Would you like to assist Thunderdome Ministries Network with a love gift? Do you since the leading of the Lord to do so?  IF you feel lead of the Lord to do so there is two ways that you can send in your gift of love.
Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.
Rev. David Liebler, CEO
3513 Clairmont Street
Flint Michigan 48503 USA 

Thank you for your time today & for your love gift. By your giving you enable the ministry to press onward.


IF you are on a fixed income please do not consider a love offering. I know how are it sometimes is to balance a budget with you have so little.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Watchman Nee once said

Actually, only God can satisfy a Christian's heart; man cannot. - Watchman Nee

Christians at 2000

Let's look at something interesting happening in today's Christian society.

1. Under grace
2. Not under the law
3. Righteousness vs unrighteousness
4. Mercy
5. Healing

And the list grows and grows. But one thing you don't see on the above list is Christian maturity.

You see for some weird reason Christians today think/believe they are not under the law so they don't have to obey the law. This gives reason to Christians breaking laws meant to save lives and protect others in society. Allow me to pose a question to you the reader;

I'm not under the law but grace this means....

#1. I don't have to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

#2. I don't have to obey the speed limit. Thus if I want to go down the road 15 miles per hour or more above the speed limit I will do it.

#3. I will put as many people in my car/truck/van as I please jeopardizing  the welfare and safety of others.

#4. I don't have to pay any tickets received because I'm right and they are wrong.

#5. I don't have to stop at a yellow light even though I have time to stop.

So many misconceptions in Christian society it is shocking.

So let me try to put the record straight.

A. Yes we are no longer under the law. But the law you refer to is laws written in the days of Moses.

B. Yes you are under grace. But that does NOT give us license to disobey the laws of man. UNLESS it goes against Biblical principles.

C. While your under the dispensation of Grace it gives you no right to be rude.
Example: playing games/ texting/accepting or making calls on your cellphone while at church or even at a Bible study.

Not long ago I overheard a fellow believer say the following,  "Man that guy can't seem to take no for an answer."

The only "no" I think any Christian should be willing to say is no to Satan and his evil ways.

What did Jesus have to say, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar and unto God what is Gods." Matthew 22:21;

Is it meant for any Christian to disobey the laws of man? No it does not!
If the speed limit is 70mph then you drive your automobile accordingly. If the sign says stop then you must come to a complete stop.
Certain laws of the land are meant to keep you and me safe. This means YOU have a responsibility to keep any and all passengers safe.

Lastly,  and the following is about your smartphone/ tablet.
If think its alright to use your cellphone while driving it is NOT a grand idea. I have seen drivers using their cellphones all the while weaving in and out of lanes as if the driver were doing drugs.
I have seen accidents that involved distracted drivers. The end result? Well you can be sure there was many a families grieving.

While you are not 2000 years of age you still need to obey the Lord and mind the laws of the land.

Let us(Christians) always remember that we are to be a light unto a lost and dying world.
And we are to be an example to younger Christians who are maturing in the faith.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that this writer is the CEO of Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc?
  • Did you know that the minisstry started in 1982?
  • Did you know that it is by faith that the ministry is own and operated. Thus if any funding is needed then it comes directly out of my own pockets. And if there is no funding to be had then the project is put on hold or scrapped all together.
  • Did you know that the ministries first website  was created in
  • Did yo u know that at present the website is located at along side my personal website?
  •  Did you know that the ministry had its own dot com several times? At present it does not due to wat you shall read below.
  • Did you know that at present the miistry is moving the website to a new host? You ought to be able to view the website at n the days and weeks ahead.
  • Did you know that you can assist Thunderdome Ministries with a love gift? 
That my dear reader ought to catch you up on the history and lastest at Thunderdome Ministries. Of course we would enjoy it if you would keep the ministry in  your prayers. As we ruly truly would enjoy having prayer partners.
If you would like to read about what our vision is for this ministry please go to About Us.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your time with  Thunderdome Ministries Network inc.

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc.
Rev David P Liebler CEO
3513 Clairmont Street
flint Michigan 48503 USA

Woody Guthrie- This Land Is Your Land

TobyMac - Speak Life

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I remember the song War by Edwin Star that reaches far back as to the days of Viet Nam Not those copycat editions but the one that started it all. It was 1969 and they belted out the words WAR what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Those words still ring crisp in my ears as if it were yesterday. Oh wait, it was yesterday, if you please.

When you think of war you think of Hitler, Alexander the Great, Napolian and perhaps the Roman Empire.  All had ideas that could change the world. It was not about religion. It was about world domination, greed and hate.
 The last conflicts were known as Korea and Viet Nam. The former I was born the day the peace treaty was signed. The later I was blessed enough not to get drafted, but many who did never returned.

For countless ages Israel has fended off its enemies in order to keep a land promised by the God of such people as Moses, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Abrham and so forth. And, for some reason the only peace they find, while thousands die every year, the peace they find lies only in their hearts and faith that the great I Am will see them throughto a better day

There are as least three evils in today's societies. Isis, North Korea and the Palestinians. All want war or threaten to make war. And for what reasoning? There is a hole in their hearts where the peace of God ought to  live.
What good is peace when your not at peace with yourself? In the worlds dating back to Woodstock 1969 Absolutely nothing.

Be at peace with yourself and with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and you will lend peace with the world.