Thursday, August 10, 2017

Those Dry Dead Bones

Here I sit in a "revival"meeting on the 4th day and wow are people missing it.. Allow me to explain;

As it is written in God's Word in the book of Ezekiel chapters 37 & 38 it talked about dead bones.  Now I share with you what the Spirit of the Lord is showing this vessel.
There are dead bones right in both the house of God but in those that process they are part of the family of God. They are happy to keep God in a box only to let him out as it pleases them.
But hear this dry bones; you can not keep God in a box. You have to let God out so He can set those in bondage free.

Churches, wake up!

Pastors you need to let God out of the box and preach the holy Word as if tomorrow you were to breath your last breath.

I say to the dry bone live!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Freebies? For real!?

I freely admit I am Christian, and i'm cool by that.
I also admit that from time to time I need a little help. And if I can pay for it I will, but there is times I can not, thus I will go without. And there's time where someone will let me pay what I can afford perse.
Here's a few points to ponder about:
Is Christianity all about a free ride, perse?
The answer, believe it or not, is a Catch 22 ordeal. Allow me to explain:
#1.. There are those in the Christian community who are, in light of a better word or phrase, better off than others. Thus, if they request assistance I would expect them to give freely  as the Lord so leads. And I do not mean a mere dollar or two. I mean with something a bit more substantial, like ten or twenty dollars or more.
#2. On the other side of the spectrum there are those who are on a fixed income, disabled, and or homeless. Such individuals need assistance from time to time. Should such need help I would not expect payment but a dollar or two from them would go a long ways.
Should we, as Christians, turn people away that need help? It all comes down to the individual, their financial situation and so forth.
There is a difference between panhandling and paying for services rendered. If a Christian is offering a service by all means help the person out with a nice love offering perse.
However, if you have the opportunity to assist financially then by all means do so; do not make it look like your being selfish, God forbid!
There is a difference between a tithes and an offering in the Christian realm:
A. Tithes are what you give into God. Such funding goes to pay the Pastor, Assistant Pastor, utility bills, missionaries and so forth. (By the way the answer to the question is; no you don't have to pay your tithes to God. But why would you not do so? If you love God and believe in Him then you will.)
B. Offering is what you give outside of church needs. Example would be paying for someone's dinner at a restaurant. Helping to pay for services rendered at someone's house like computer work or fixing appliances or hand held device's and so forth.
If a Christian is homeless should they expect free rides perse?
It depends on each individual case and if he/she has a sponsor. If a person has a sponsor then I think the sponsorship ought to play a role.
Example: in auto racing, a driver will find that s/he can not afford various costs. Does the driver just chuck it in? No! They go out and find sponsors. A sponsor will say we will give you thousand of dollars if we can put our name on your car. Money received goes to pay the many bills that go into auto racing. That's why you see many stickers on race cars. Each sticker represents sponsorship.
Bottom line is as follows:
If the world knows how to help it's friends why would the Christian world not help its own too.
Many Christians are not out to make millions of dollars, like many may think, God forbid!
All many want is to be appreciated, with a little more than a handshake and or a thank you.
Even at Woodstock 69 people knew how to share and share alike. I would hope both sides have grown up since the days of "peace, love and rock and roll."

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day of Ol' Days of ?

I remember owning a PlayStation 1; it was fun having the latest in gaming without the arcades. One of my favorite games was Gran Torismo; I loved it's simplicity yet you could modify the cars to make world record speeds.

That very well may have been part of the downfall of video arcades let alone the local gangs. Still there was nothing like the feel, the smell and excitement of the arcades.

Today, sadly, I can not find an arcade to drop a quarter or two into for another thrill of victory and perhaps the torture of defeat.

What's also sad is the cost of a PlayStation 4 and it's games. Let me explain: being on a fixed income I for one can NOT afford the cost of a new console. Then there is the cost of the games; I was looking at a catalog of sorts and almost had a heart attach; I can not picture kids/parents dropping nearly one hundred dollars on one game, that's insane.
And this dollar amount is in all gaming consoles. No wonder online gaming is becoming so popular.

Yes, this 63 year old would like to drop a quarter or two into a local arcade. Yes he'd like a Playstation with a few games.
But, and I have to dig deep to say this, I think those online games will do just fine.
So long PlayStation 4, farewell Grandkids no and lastly, farewell video arcades.

Hello rockin chair!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Underddog

A vast majority of Christian ministries are listed as "non-profit" and do pretty well. listed as a But What happens when a ministry is "profit" ministry?  Truth of the matter is they strive to stay afloat, often digging into their own pockets to make ends meet. Thus the underdog as in the case of Thunderdome Ministries Network.

From 1983 to 1989 Thunderdome Ministries often published a newsletter. At one point  there was 150 subscribers each and every month. Sadly the newsletter had cease due to rising costs. What is even more sad is the fact that not one subscriber sent in funding.
 This is one example of what can transpire when the elect of outside God fail. And  part of it this is due to the thinking that they should receive just about everything free. In fact they believe that any outside assistance, such as in evangelism, should be paid little to nothing. 

Thunderdome Ministries is underdog ministry striving to stay afloat after all these years. How does the  ministry do so?  Well its simple; when there is a mountain to be moved we tell it to be gone in the name of Jesus. And we press on  moving the stones and rocks out of the way one bit at a time.
As of 1982 there has been one mountain  that yet needs to be moved,  obtaining funding for a homeless ranch(?) for the Christian community. And right now we are about three million dollars short.

The ministry mentioned above is not the only underdog ministry within the invisable walls of these United States. In  truth I would guess there are over five thousand underdog ministries. And they too need the assistance of the Christian community

Now dear reader, Christian, what will you do to help underdog ministries in your city, state and country? Will you assist in moving their mountains or will you hold back from the Lord?

If you would like to assist Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc simply click on the link within this sentence. Or send your cetified check or money order to the following;(Please be sure your love gift is in US dollars.)

Thunderdome Ministries Network Inc
c/o Rev. David Liebler
3513 Clairmont Street
Flint Michigan USA 48503